Training, Teaching, and Learning at the Practice

We are a teaching and training practice for a wide range of health professionals and non professionals. We strongly believe that by taking on the responsibility for teaching and training others, we further anchor ourselves in the lifelong commitment to provide the very best healthcare, which is evidence based and up to date.

During your relationship as a patient with our practice you are very likely to come across people of a wide range of Health Professions and students whom we are training. We can promise you that your rights as a patient will never be compromised, you will always have the right to refuse to be involved in teaching and training and we absolutely guarantee that nobody being trained will be put in any situation beyond their competence or without supervision.

We are ever grateful to patients for helping us train the next generation of health professionals and other colleagues whom will work alongside us in the National Health Service

We provide learning opportunities for the following:

a) Doctors becoming General Practitioners

We are approved and accredited by Health Education England to be a Training Practice for future General Practitioners. These are qualified doctors with medical degrees but who require training and experience in General Practice to be fully independent and qualified as General Practitioners. They are of varying seniority but are always closely supervised whilst training with us. Typically they stay with us from between 6 and 18 months. They have different titles according to their seniority but are typically known as GP Registrars.

b) Medical Students

We are an accredited teaching practice for undergraduate Medical Students from Barts and the London Medical School. These students are not qualified as doctors and are learning about medical conditions in the community as seen by GP Practices such as ours. They learn primarily by seeing patients, taking histories of patients’ symptoms and occasionally conducting examinations.

c) Allied Health Professionals

We also train other health professionals at our practice of all levels of seniority but usually very experienced Nursing Colleagues whom are expanding their skills into areas such as prescribing or some other field of specialisation. Other colleagues may be trainee psychologists, health visitors or student midwives.

d) Work Experience

Every year we are pleased to offer a small number of placements for work experience students to work alongside our administrative staff. They also may sit in some consultations with clinicians as part of their experience, especially if they are hoping to pursue a career in the NHS. They are bound by the same level of confidentiality as any other staff member.