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Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality

Practice Privacy Notices

General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")

The GDPR requires practices to process data fairly and in a transparent manner which is easily accessible and easy to understand. This means that practices must provide information to patients about how the practice processes patient data in the form of a 'practice privacy notice'.

Please click on the links below to see The Hamilton Practices' privacy notices:

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Planning and Research Data

General Practice Data for Planning and Research. GP Practice Privacy Notice NHS Digital.

We are providing data to NHS Digital as part of the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection, so that patient data can be used to help improve everyone's health and care. Under data protection law we must tell you about how we use your personal information. Please see General Practice Data for Planning and Research: GP Practice Privacy Notice for further information.

If you would like to opt out please download and complete a Register your Type 1 opt out preference form (Microsoft Word) and return it to your surgery.

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If you wish to speak to the receptionist in confidence, there is a quiet area available away from the main reception. Please ask.

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Freedom of Information Act

Download a copy of the Freedom of Information Act for our practice here.

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Your Health Records

How the local NHS uses and protects the information held about you

To help your GP provide you with even better care The Hamilton Practice, along with others in west Essex, is participating in a scheme that allows your GP health record to be linked with records other health professionals have about you.

Your Health Records leaflet.

If you wish to opt out of your pseudonymised data being extracted please write to our Practice Manager and your records will be coded to avoid any extraction being made.

Those patients who have previously opted out do not need to write in again, your records have already been coded accordingly

How the NHS Uses and Protects Your Health Records

How the local NHS uses and protects the information held about you leaflet.

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My Care Record

My Care Record enables health and care professionals to access information about you to improve your care.

The Hamilton Practice is part of My Care Record, an approach to improving care by joining up health and care information. Wherever possible, health and care professionals will be able to access your records from other services when it is needed for your care. For example, a hospital doctor, community nurse, or social worker involved in your care could view the information they need from your GP record.

More information, including answers to frequently asked questions and a list of the organisations that are taking part can be found on the My Care Record website.

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NHS Summary Care Records

As part of a mandatory, national programme each GP Practice will have to make a summary care record for each patient (unless the patient has already opted out). Please read the information regarding this.

If you wish to opt out download and complete the opt out form and return to the Practice (see below).

Information Website

Further information about NHS Summary Care Records can be found at the NHS Digital website.

Information Leaflets and Opt Out Form