Keats House Health Centre,
Bush Fair, Harlow,
Essex, CM18 6LY

Healthcare Team


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GP Registrars

We are an approved training practice for the training of General Practice Registrars (GPRs).

GPRs are doctors in training who are qualified doctors and have already worked in hospitals as junior doctors for at least 3 years. GP Registrars are here on 18 month rotation (with GPST1s on 6 month rotation).

Training, Teaching and Learning at the Hamilton Practice.

The current GP Registrars on an 18 month rotation are:

  • Dr Shahed Haider
  • Dr Fouzia Kidwai
  • Dr Diana Lee
  • Dr Sumayyah Mian
  • Dr Oprah Scott

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Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants

Practice Nurses

Nonette Winton RGN
Gemma Deacon

Our nurses have their own surgeries and provide a range of specialist medical clinics. Practice Nursing Clinics and Services.

Healthcare Assistants

Sue Gill
Sue Bow

Healthcare Assistants aid the Practice Nurses with blood pressure and new patient checks, urine testing and so on.

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Community Team

Health Visitors

Health visitors work within the community to promote good health and prevent ill health. They are able to give advice where specific needs are identified with the individual, family or community. They also provide support at times of physical and/or emotional stress, such as in bereavement.

District Nurses

Our District Nursing Sister, leads a strong team of District Nurses and support staff, providing comprehensive and skilled nursing care to sick and disabled patients in their own homes.

These nurses provide support and advice to their patients, and maintain a close liaison with all medical, social and voluntary agencies concerned with the provision of care to people being treated at home.

Together with the District Nurses, the Doctors provide quality, terminal care to cancer and chronic disease patients in the relative comfort of their home environment.

Where the care provided in home is in respect of the terminally ill, that care is boosted by the close proximity of the St Clare's Hospice, which is a readily available source of help and expertise.

Macmillan Nurses

Macmillan Nurses are specialist nurses who have been trained in the management of pain relief and the provision of emotional support to cancer patients and their families.


Midwives provide antenatal and postnatal care. At the birth of the child, they provide for home or hospital delivery, fully considering the patient's choice in this respect. Parentcraft is a key aspect of the midwive's work, where patients are educated in all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and baby care. The midwives work closely with the GPs in postnatal care via the baby clinics.

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Practice Management

Practice Manager

George Shields

George is responsible for the non medical aspects of the services provided by the practice. He is also 'Caldicott and Data Protection' lead and joint education and training lead.

Deputy Practice Manager

Pascale Mills

The Deputy Practice Manager is responsible for day to day operational activities. She is at your disposal if you have any problem with the services we provide.

Administration Manager


The Administration Manager is there to ensure that the reception service provided to you, the patient, is as good as it can be. She is generally available to answer your immediate needs and problems.

Reception Managers

Susan Bow and Fiona Hitchen

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Kate, Wendy, Norma, Caroline, Megan, Nikki, Marilyn, Sophie and Jackie

Our Receptionists are keen to help patients on arrival at the practice. They will make arrangements for you to see the doctor or any other member of the health care team. They also arrange transport to and from hospital for the elderly and infirm.

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Medical Secretaries

Karen and Nikki

Our medical Secretaries arrange hospital appointments, transport to and from hospital for the elderly and infirm, and follow up queries left with them by the clinicians. They also type all the letters left for them via dictation, audio tape or hand written message. They also perform an administration role to support the demands of a modern public health service in the management of its finances and communications.

If you need to speak to one of our secretaries please call between 11.30am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

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Audit and Administation Clerks

Audit Clerks

Loraine, Nicola, Marilyn and Claire

Our audit clerks ensure that patients are recalled for the various regular health reviews and clinics. They are also responsible for the entry and execution of the multitude of claims that are made against the National Health Service each month. In addition, they perform an audit role.

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Training, Teaching, and Learning at the Practice

We are a teaching and training practice for a wide range of health professionals and non professionals.

We strongly believe that by taking on the responsibility for teaching and training others, we further anchor ourselves in the lifelong commitment to provide the very best healthcare, which is evidence based and up to date.

Please see Training, Teaching, and Learning at the Practice for further information