New Appointments System

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We are launching our new appointment system on Monday 16th May 2022.

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dr Nazmul Mohsin. I’d like to tell you about our new appointment system, which was put into place in May 2022.

If you have a smart phone or internet access, you no longer have to wait in the queue for a member of the Reception Team to direct your query to a doctor. Your clinical and admin requests can be made quickly, safely and securely by clicking the link on our website or Facebook page and many of our patients are already successfully using this method to contact us.

Your clinical request will always be reviewed by a doctor at the first point of contact and will not go through the Reception Team. The doctor will then reply to let you know the next course of action, whether this involves a consultation with a nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist or doctor. You can also make all your administration and prescription requests by clicking on the admin query button which will be directed to the appropriate department.

This new appointment system is for your benefit and we believe it will be safer than our current system. Your clinical query will be reviewed by a doctor at the first point of contact, saving time, avoiding wastage and creating more available appointment slots in the future.

If you do not have a smartphone or internet access please hold the line and your details will be manually entered into the new system.
We’d really appreciate your feedback on this new system.

Please click the patient survey link on our website or by completing a feedback form at reception.

Thank you.